Application Procedure for Chinese Government Scholarship

Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) has been awarded to international students to study in China by the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC). The application starts every year. CSC online application system starts accepting new candidates from October, November and it remained open till May, June according to different universities policy. Universities in China announce results before 15th August and students start their educational career in China on 1st September.

Students can apply to university directly through their online portal. Sometimes, embassies are also involved and such type of scholarship is named as Bilateral Program.

CGS application system is very easy for a normal user, so there is no need to pay any money to any consultant for securing a position in any university. There is a clear policy of CGS/CSC that they don’t own any consultants if anyone claims, that he is an official consultant of CGS then he is fake.

In the article, we will discuss the complete application procedure for CSC. What documents are required initially and how to find a right supervisor for the request.

1. University Search:

The first step is to find the university according to your educational background. Next, you need to assure, that university is offering CGS scholarship for students, what is there start date? and which documents are required to start a new application. Once you selected a university according to your education and research interest, try to find the right supervisor who is willing to supervise you in China. Also, make sure, the university you have selected must have good repute internationally.

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2. Online Application Procedure:

It consists of two steps,

  1. Online Application
  2. Preparation of necessary documents

Online Application:

CSC has developed an online application system for students. You need a valid email address to signup for the portal. ( is an official link to get started. Once you signup for a new account, CSC sends you a confirmation email for activation of an account, therefore a valid email is required.

In the CSC portal, the first step is to enter Agency number of the university. Agency number is a code given to universities. You can query any university name agency number on Google. There are some other points to remember while applying.

  1. When you enter agency number, it will become the “First Preference University” automatically
  2. If you applying for university directly, then there is no need to mention second and third preferences
  3. Study duration depends upon the degree you going to pursue, for example for a Ph.D. program, the normal duration is 3 years. You can select date range as 1st September 2018 to 15 July 2021
  4. Don’t worry if you miss the optional part of an application such as your family detail. Try to focus on the compulsory part of the application, and fill them correctly
  5. Once you complete an application, don’t use the same email address to submit another application for the second university you selected. Try to make a new account. After completing some personal information and education background, you have to upload scan copies of documents which are:

Documents Required for CSC:

  1. Passport/Visa Style Photo
  2. Certificates of Highest Education (Notarized Copy)
  3. Transcripts of Highest Education (Notarized Copy)
  4. Study Plan
  5. Two Recommendation Letters
  6. Passport Home Page
  7. Physical Examination Record for Foreigner
  8. Papers or Articles Published or to be Published
  9. Example of Art (6 color pictures) and Music Work (1 audio tape)(Only for the applicants for Fine Arts and Music)
  10. Other Supporting Documents
  11. Language Qualifications

Passport/Visa Style Photo:

It is usually 3x4cm with any background. But we suggest a white background.

Certificates of Highest Education (Notarized Copy)

Certificates of highest education must be notarized by Public Notary. Result awaiting students can also apply. If they believe that their result will come before May, June. Such students can attach hope certificate or provisional certificate for the application.

Study Plan:

The study plan isn’t the compulsory document. You can copy paste any future research idea in your plan. Once you supervisor is willing to supervise you in China, then he/she will decide on your study plan in China. While making such document, just follow the pattern of the study plan.

Two Recommendation Letters:

Students required to submit two recommendation letters. Letters must be issued by Associate Professor or Full Professor according to CSC instructions but some universities consider Assitant Professor recommendation Letter a valid document.

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Passport Home Page:

Passport is a compulsory document for the application, however, can request university if you don’t have a passport at the time of application. You can send them later if they agree.

Physical Examination Record for Foreigner:

Physical examination form can be downloaded from Google. Simple query “physical examination form china pdf”.

Download Chinese Physical Examination Form

Papers or Articles Published or to be Published:

If you applying for the Ph.D. program, then your previous research has great importance. Merge all your paper and reduce the size of PDF file and upload it to the portal. There is a restriction of uploading a document of a certain size. You can find many online tools for reducing the size of the PDF.

Other Supporting Documents:

Here you can upload the acceptance letter given to you by Chinese Supervisor. Below is complete detail, how to get an acceptance letter from Chinese professor. Here you can also upload, awards, academic excellence achievements awards. Make sure to upload a document which has importance internationally.

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Language Qualification:

If you have any certification such as IELTS/TOFEL you can upload it here. In some universities, it is compulsory to have certification in IELTS/TOFEL, but this is not true for all universities. You can also make an English Proficiency Certificate from your university. This is also considered valid document in some universities. If your English Proficiency is good enough to study in English, then there is no need for IELTS. Some universities such as Beijing Institute of information technology conduct an interview for your English proficiency.

Above documents are uploaded on CSC portal, however, some universities have their online portal. You have to download the complete application from the CSC portal, Next step is to make an account on the University Portal. Almost same documents are required to upload on the University Portal Website.

Some universities request hard copies, but some universities only ask to upload the supporting documents on their official online portal. While sending hard copies it is better to request international office to send valid address in the following format.

  1. Province
  2. City
  3. District
  4. Road/Street
  5. Name of the office
  6. Name of contact person
  7. Telephone Number
  8. Postal Code

Courier Selection:

It is one of the important factors. There are many services present. But prefer to send your documents with the online tracking system.