Good Research Paper Topics about Human Behavior

Psychology is human science, which has a vast variety of research topics. It is related to human behavior and how mental health affected by certain decisions. Types of psychology are clinical, developmental, child, industrial and social psychology. From a research point of view, many ideas need to be explored to produce some quality work in the research community.Good Research Paper Topics about Human Behavior is hottest topic these days due to Social Networks.

“Social and behavioral research is crucial for securing environmental sustainability and improving human living environments.”

A teenager in this repository affected by a huge amount. Dating violence and abuse among teenager is one of the major cause of the mental disorder. Why most of young men and women are suffered from schizophrenia. It is a long-term mental disorder which is caused by different situations such as a breakdown in the relationship between thoughts, emotions ditch by a close friend, feeling guilty, withdrawal from the reality, leading towards fantasy and delusion are common among people of age 20 to 30 years.

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Similarly, the impact of teenage sexuality on a teenager is one of the hottest topics in human behavior. What are the consequences of such miserable situations among users, what are the factors which change human thinking to do such activities? However, this type of research has great importance in the society to sort out the problems.

Are there any stress factors which have variations among different genders? Does the stress level is same for female and male? However, this is one of the most difficult topics of research to explore the factors. Normally, people don’t share their stress levels to strangers. Social Networks (SN) is the main platform to trigger out these types of users. How they behave in the different situations, events and how they interact with friends.

On the other end, depression, its causes, and its effect on human behavior has great importance. Finding such people manually is a difficult task. People share their thoughts only with the physicians when they are in trouble. Some internal family problems may cause such problem among individuals. Young men and women in depression have been increasing dramatically. Research to trigger out the users, their symptoms, effects, anxieties, is women are more affected by depression or not. These topics need some reasonable time to produce quality research work.

What are some good research paper topics about human behavior

There are also many factors, which have a huge impact on the human life to change their behavior.  Factors such as:

  1. What is relationship between stress and physical illness
  2. What are the factors which change with the passage of time, such as the relationship between aging and mental illness?
  3. Do we need to change the environmental standards to boost the human personality in a positive way
  4. How are a person’s achievements and personality affected by their birth order?
  5. Pros and Cons of environment on people
  6. How and why are attractive people treated differently than the non-attractive ones?

Similarly, understanding user needs and their illness affect on the society is important to point to discuss such as how homeless people interact with other peoples, and what the factors which help physicians to understand their psychological problems. Understanding teenager suicidal problems.


Psychology is one of the hottest topics in research these days. However, most of the recent research is related to mental illness. Researchers are trying to trigger out the factors and symptoms. Of course, these help physicians to deal each patient differently in different situations. In the article, we have highlighted some of the key topics to explore. However, there are some other topics related to psychology still exists.