How to Write a Review Paper: A Complete Guide

The review paper is a document that organizes, classify and summarises a research result in a way that makes it interesting and easier to understand. It assumes the general knowledge about the particular field. It classifies the existing literature, develops an independent perspective of the research field and knowledge about research trends.

A review paper refers to the secondary literature which is based on the analysis, compilation, and evaluation of the information available in the primary research.


Difference Between a Review Paper and Research Paper:

The research paper is based on original findings and research.The types of research vary from the field for which it is employed.The researchers based their research on original findings and use raw data.The research paper is based on the findings of research.The researchers analyze, summarize their findings in a research paper.

A review paper is based on the study of already existing does not involve original research but a careful re-examine of the already existing article, in a summarised form to explain the current situation and for the better understanding of users.

Rules of writing a review Paper:

Rules of writing a Survey Paper are as follows.

  • Define a topic
  • Search and do re research on existing literature
  • Take notes
  • Chose your review
  • Be critical and consistent
  • Find a logical support for your work

In this article, we are discussing how to write a review paper. We are not focusing on a particular field but to guide students about how to write a good review paper according to their respective fields.

How to Write a Review Paper:

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The introduction part includes:

  • Overview
  • Objectives
  • Critical Review
  • Feasibility study

In overview, we should take a careful review of the literature. It gives a short description of the research work.The impact of research in that field. It provides general information about the research without going deep in it. The basic purpose of overview is to give a short glimpse of a research work in summarize manner. This portion of a review paper should be to the point and use smaller sentences, avoid using vague sentences. This portion of introduction section should be based on one page, between 500 to 800 words.


The purpose of research is discussed and whether it was accomplished. Whether the researcher was able to achieve his target? The objective of review paper summarizes what has been achieved and what can be the possible outcome of research.This part of the review paper should be based on one page and between 700 words. Avoid examples and try giving some realistic and generic examples.

Critical Review:

In a critical review, a researcher analyzes and give his comments about the whole research. It expresses writers opinion on the basis of the text he is reviewing. In a critical review, a researcher breaks down the portion of literature and study it in parts.

A critical review is a tool for researchers in different fields. It should be noted that the analysis should be based on actual research and event, words and sentence should be used carefully. The critical review can be used in different research fields.

Feasibility Study:

It is a study of how a research can be accomplished and the factors affecting it i.e economical, technological, social and legal. A researcher does a feasibility study to determine the positive and negative outcome of a research while investing his time and energy into it. It should be based on accurate facts.

This part should be discussed in detail the writer should avoid using vague sentences also it should be based on current situation.


It includes the method of actions taken to investigate a research problem, use of procedures and techniques to identify, select and process a subject. It analyzes a problem in a way to make it easier to understand a problem. In short, it is a process of using several techniques to identify and to draw result from a research. It can also use to study the different methods used in research. This portion of review paper should be broad and discuss in detail.

The methodology part includes:

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Evaluation


It is a systematic and comprehensive analysis of a literature to determine its capability and adequacy that it meets the current helps in identifying the problems related to the literature.


It is a detail of activities or measures taken to implement a proper solution related to literature. This part identifies the possible solution or implementation of proper measures related to a research problem. This part of literature review should be discussed in detail with all the possible outcomes of a measure implemented. This portion should be clear and concise use proper figures and graphs to show the outcome of research.


In this section, a literature is carefully reviewed. If the literature is about a specific object related to the scientific field it can be tested in the laboratory to check the reliability and authenticity. In case of other fields, it can be tested mathematically and by investigating factors related to it.


In this section, the end result of the literature review is stated in detail. This section should be written with care and all the possible outcome, whether positive or negative should be discussed. It depends on the subject on which literature review is written, past journals and articles should be carefully evaluated before drawing any result. Comparisons of past, present and future result can also be mentioned in this section.


This is the most important part of a review paper in which a writer discusses his thoughts and evaluation about the research. This portion is a summary of whole research in which detail review about a literature is written. This part depends upon the experience and outcome of a research and benefits derived from it is stated in detail. It depends upon different fields of how they summarize their review in this one particular part. Suggestions, changes can be suggested in this portion of the research results are negative or either not up to the mark.In case of positive outcome measures to maintain performance can be discussed. This portion should be written carefully and to the point, should be in detail. It should be based on two pages and should discuss and classify the literature review as a whole.


All the necessary helping material articles or the books from whom the help is taken should be mentioned in this section.In case of scientific research, Journals and articles should be mentioned with proper section and link. In case of other fields, all the important material used for help in writing review paper should be mentioned. Annual reports, Resolution, or any other blog from which help is taken should be mentioned in this portion.

In this article, we have discussed all the necessary steps required to write a good review paper. In writing a review paper a proper research is required along with the sound knowledge about the field. Review paper varies from different fields for which it is written so does the steps which are needed to write a review paper. We may conclude to this point that there is a need for sound knowledge in writing a review paper. The writer should be aware of the past works in literature.The writer should stay focused on this work. All the important details should be mentioned in the review paper.