Letter of Recommendation for P.h.D & MS Admission From Professors to Get Scholarships

Letter of recommendation is the most important thing when you are applying for education improvement. Most of the students found requesting their teachers to write a recommendation letter for them. There are many queries searched online what is the correct format of the letter, and what content must be covered in the recommendation letter. We will share you practical experiences we faced in recent years and from the many P.h.D students we have interviewed. Mr Yousaf P.h.D student in Beihang China is studying in Computer Science. He mentions some of the important tips which are:

  1. There is no doubt it is hectic for a teacher to write It manually, so it is better for a student to take some soft copies along with you when you have a meeting with your teacher.
  2. Your recommendation letter should have your previous experience with the student. For example, when I got a recommendation letter from my supervisor and head of the department, they mentioned my relation and skills. For Example, they wrote
    1. We directly know him from previous five years, and We found him punctual and hardworking. He always made intelligent and insightful contributions during group discussions and meetings. We found him a good team player who coordinates well with his/her fellow group members. His presence in “university name” no doubt is a great honour for us.
      1. Note: These are remarks given by a teacher
    2. Now it’s time to discuss where you are applying for a scholarship; then your recommendation letter should have clear words regarding your discipline of studies. In my case, I was applying for P.h.D in China, so my teacher remarks were:
      1. He has applied for a scholarship for P.h.D in Computer Science in China. I strongly recommend him as a potential candidate as he has always shown enthusiasm in problem-solving and his habit of hard working will help him in pursuing his goals and will serve him well in higher education institution. I hope any professor will feel good on having him as his PhD student.
        1. Note: There may be slight variation in the text, you can also mention university name in the paragraph above. Words should define your personality.
        2. Some teachers mention your research work in their letters, If you are requesting a recommendation letter from your supervisor, then it is better to write the title of your thesis.
      2. This is also a question, Do Lecturer and Assistant professor give recommendation letters to their students to pursue higher studies in foreign countries. It depends on the scenario of education. Most of the universities mentioned recommendation letters policies on their admission guideline page.

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Above points highlighted some useful tips. But there are some other points which are useful from a teacher perspective.

  1. There must be standard to follow, in which universities you are teaching, their logo on the right top corner and complete name on the right side.
  2. It ‘s nice to introduce yourself and your relationship with the candidate, but don’t write too much, because it is good to keep your words below 400.
  3. Your name, designation, email and where you are working should mentioned on the bottom right corner of the recommendation letter.
    1. Note: Please use those emails, which you check on regular basis. Some universities may contact you.
  4. There must be some words describing why you are recommending him/her. You can mention his/her skills, his efforts in his recent research with you, or it may be some additional working hour he has spent with you to complete a project. His efforts will highlight that a student can handle pressure easily.
  5. Don’t hesitate to write a single line,
    1. Please contact me if I can answer any further questions
  6. Please don’t copy your text from any source, because letters that are handwritten show sincerity and dedication.
  7. There are many ways to give subject to your letter, some people directly start with dear sir, or dear madam, but “To whom it may concern” sounds good.

Below is sample of Recommendation Letter which I have used in China last year