PhD Motivation Letter Examples: A Sample and Complete Guide

Sample of Motivation Letter for P.h.D Students

There are many mysteries about the Motivation Letter, how to write it effectively. Today we are going to show how to write a motivation letter. We will also provide a sample in the form of doc & and PDF file at the end. There are slight differences between motivation letter and personal statements. It depends on the scenario you are applying for. If you are looking to grab your supervisor attentions, then motivation letter is quite enough to get an acceptance letter. It will give a plus point to your application for the scholarship.

Differences between Personal Statement vs Motivational Letter

Personal statements are used to describe who you are. What experiences you have seen in your life to achieve your goals. A lot of emphases is given to your personality.  Your struggle, your educational background and how you achieve success in the field of research to become real scholars. While in the motivational letter, your future plan in research also part of the discussion. You will start writing your motivational letter, as you have done in a personal statement, but at the end, clearly, mention your future directions. Motivational Letter in simple word, “A statement which motivate you to achieve your goals”

Let’s start with step by step guide:

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PhD Motivation Letter Writing Tips

  1. Motivation letter isn’t about writing gossips to increase page size. Be precise and write according to pattern
  2. In the first paragraph describe yourself, your recent degree and your research interests, for example
    1. I have completed my M.S. degree in Computer Science recently and B.S. in Computer Science in 2012 from Example University. My research interests are in the area of Machine Learning, Search engine optimization (SEO), Software-defined Networking (SDN) and WEB mining in social networks.

Now it’s time to share your previous achievements. If you are writing for the P.h.D motivational letter, then you must describe your thesis in the second paragraph such as:

  1. My M.S. thesis title was “Comparative analysis of SDN viz Traditional Networks”. In [reference if the paper is online] this work, efforts were made, to analyse the performance of SDN with the typical network for the sake of a traditional enterprise data centre. Simulations are executed in Mininet emulator for parameters such as latency, packet delivery ratio, packet switching and routing. Our results indicate that SDN has significant performance improvements over traditional networks. Furthermore, to overcome the bottleneck problem in SDN controller, we have used the concept of a cache controller in the network.
  1. Above two points sounds good, now it’s time to share other research interests and papers you have published during your studies. In my case, I had published 13 research articles when I was applying for P.h.D. I describe one by one all of them. Please keep in mind, don’t write more than two to three pages, words matters in the case of motivation. No one has enough time to read all your stuff. Mention only those works, which have worth, and you think this is your best achievements so far.
  2. Let suppose you write at least five papers according to sample shared in the second point; then it’s time to share your other activities you are doing parallelly for example in my case I write like this.

Other Academic Activities

Teaching is an integral part of doing research. Currently, I am working as (designation) at Department of Computer Science, “example university”. I am teaching the course of Programming Fundamentals, Intro to Machine Learning, Web Engineering and Android to B.S. Students. Furthermore, I am supervising 4 M.S. students in the field of Machine Learning, SEO, and Sentimental analysis. Following are the topics that MS students are working on:

  1. Clustering of news (Links shared on Twitter) on twitter.
  2. Detecting cancer, anaesthesia, and Dengue Virus symptoms from user tweets.
  3. Using Google Queries to track Un-employment rate in Pakistan
  4. Using Web meta data to enhance SERP’s results in Google
  1. You have completed 80% of your motivation letter; now it’s time to share your national & international collaboration. In my case I chose five people, I am working with them:
    1. A, Department of Information Science, School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, China
    2. B, Centre of Excellence in Information Assurance (CoEIA), King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    3. C, College of Computer and Information Sciences, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    4. D, Department of Computer Science & Industrial Automation, UNICAMP, Brazil
    5. E, Department of Computer Science, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan
  2. It’s time to share your plans. Try to connect your previous research with the research you have scheduled to do in future. If your research papers are in reputed journals, then most of the supervisor after reading your motivational letter, will reply you. Once you get an acceptance letter from your supervisor, then your chances of getting admission and scholarship are high.
  3. Finally, your references to papers you write in your letter go at the end of the page. Try to follow IEEE style for referring your research.

Below are some samples to download, to write your own PhD Motivation Letter. We have provided users both Microsoft Word Document (doc) and .pdf version as well.

Download Motivation Letters Samples in Word and Pdf format
  1. PhD motivation letter sample pdf
  2. PhD motivation letter sample doc
  3. Motivation letter template

In the article, we have guided students how to write an effective PhD motivation letter to secure scholarship in foreign countries. It is first document, the supervisor may interested to read your previous achievements.