Sample Email to Professors in Chinese Universities

Chinese Government Scholarship is one of the most popular scholarship these days. A scholarship is available for both Masters and P.h.D students. The government of China is giving a scholarship to students in almost every field.

China Scholarship Council (CSC) scholarship starts from January of each year and has three months of duration usually march is last month to apply

Students start emails to professor for an acceptance letter. Acceptance letter has some extra points on your overall application. Because on the other side, you have a person who is committed to supervise you in masters or P.h.D program.

Each year universities in China process millions of applicants for the scholarship. Most of the students prefer Chinese Universities due to below reasons:

  • In China, there are huge number of scholarship awarded yearly to students
  • There is no need of IELTS or other language proficiency certificates
  • In China, 95 to 99 % students complete their education or degree within time frame set by university
  • Education stipend is enough to support your living expenses easily
  • China is the biggest economic power

Now its time to grab this opportunity to boost your educational exposure to next level. First and the most important thing is to search a supervisor who is willing to supervise you in China. Best practices are to choose those supervisors who have similar research interests as of yours. Once you searched a professor, then its time to contact him/her through email.

There are many patterns and sample available to start typing your first email to the professor for an acceptance letter, and there also many tips to get an acceptance letter from Chinese Professor. Before sending an email to professor keep these simple points in your mind.

  • Your first email should not request for acceptance letter
  • Try to read at least 5-10 his/her recent research articles, so that you can suggest some new models to his/her existing methodologies
  • If he/she respond to your email, then start to discuss your research interests and request for acceptance letter which help you grab CSC scholarship

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Email Sample to Professor:

Subject: Request for P.h.D position with you

Respected Leng Bio,

My name is “XYZ” and I have completed my “recent degree” in “year”. I am looking for P.h.D scholarship opportunities internationally from last six month. I saw your research area on “Google Scholars” (if available) and on researchgate (if available). Your area of research is quite similar to my area of research. I have 5 research articles in this field. Please have a quick review of my “Curriculam Vitae (CV)” and “motivation letter”. I am looking for your kind response.

Thanks & Regards

XYZ / Company / Designation

Note: There is the difference between CV and Resume, so read the article for more guidance. Below is another sample for sending email to Chinese professor for acceptance letter.

Sample Email to Professor PhD Admission:

sample email to professor phd admission


Please don’t hurry once you send an email, wait at least 3-5 working days for a response. Don’t forward the same email to different professors. Hope this article help you.