Tips for How to Get Acceptance Letter from Chinese Professor

acceptance letter from Chinese supervisor

Tips for How to Get Acceptance Letter from Chinese Professor to Study P.h.D in China

The scholarship is one of the main aims of every student who has completed his Bachelor or master degree. Now trends have been changing with the passage of time. Most of the students previously looking for local scholarships but now foreign funded programs also gained a lot of popularity for students. Today I am going to show you how to write an effective email to get Chinese Supervisor acceptance within no time. You just need to follow below tips to get acceptance from a professor for further studies in China for fully funded Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC). I am going to share you guys with my personal experience. Below are some key points which I have considered for my studies.

  1. If you CGPA or Grades are good, and you are feeling hesitation how to start writing, then this is your first-week point. You need to overcome this problem. Make sure you have created a professional email address. Most of the students ignore this point and start making some meaningless emails adresses.

Your email must have your name. This sounds good. Otherwise, there may be the possibility that your email goes into junk email folder of your professor. If you have company emails or any other educational email where you are working, then this will be the best options to start writing your first email for acceptance.

  1. Please clearly mention the subject of your email, there is no need to become so aggressive or left un title subject such as:
    1. P.h.D admission in your university
    2. I like to do P.h.D with you
    3. I need acceptance from you
    4. P.h.D in example country
    5. P.h.D scholarship

These are things you need to take in mind, your subject should be like this.

Request for P.h.D admission with “name of professor”. This sounds good. Because you are requesting for an admission and may be the university is offering scholarhip for international students, then supervisor comments may help you to get scholarships.

  1. Most of the students, simply start writing email such as:
    1. Hello professor
    2. Hey professor

This is not a formal way of communication with a teacher who has more experience than you in the academic field.

“Respect is the most important thing you must consider while requesting for an acceptance letter”

While I was trying to get acceptance letter last year, I wrote “Respected Brooklyn He,”. This looks good for any unknown person who is requesting for scholarship in a meaningful and respectable way.

  1. Most of the students started typing without knowing what is required and what is not. Simply your name and country are enough to get started. Here is a little email sample pattern which I have followed.

Sample email to professor for P.h.D Admission:

Subject: Request for P.h.D position with you

Respected Brooklyn He,

My name is “XYZ” and I have completed my “recent degree” in “year”. I am looking for P.h.D scholarship opportunities internationally from last six month. I saw your research area on “Google Scholars” (if available) and on researchgate (if available). Your area of research is quite similar to my area of research. I have 5 research articles in this field. Please have a quick review of my “resume” and “motivation letter”. I am looking for your kind response.

Thanks & Regards

XYZ / Company / Designation

Another sample for requesting P.h.D Studentship in China:

I hope you are enjoying good health. My Name is Your Name from Country. I read your profile. It’s interesting. I have some skills in research in Machine Learning.

Published 5 research articles in different reputed journals with one book Chapter as well.

Research Area:
My research areas are text analysis, big data analysis and information retrieval from the web. I applied different machine learning and data mining algorithms on the text to achieve desired results.

I also worked in Search Engine Optimization, Human-Computer Interaction, Software Defined Networking.

Please have a quick review of my CV and motivational letter.

I hope you will enjoy reading my CV. There are plenty of experiences in my life. And I will work hard under your supervision to pursue my Ph.D. degree in China.

Moreover, I have prepared two research proposals as well for my Ph.D. Degree.

Do you have any seats for international students on scholarship such as CSC or any other University scholarship?

Best Wishes,

Your Name

  1. You also need to consider your name at the end, please don’t change your name when you have communication with the supervisor such as:
    1. In the first email, you wrote “XY”
    2. In the second email you “XYZ” and so on

These people are very named conscious, once they called you with a name, then this is going to be the final name of your overall stay in China.

  1. Another important thing is timing, don’t send too many emails, if you more than one supervisor which is related to your area of research, then send email to one supervisor, and wait for at least 5-7 working days.
  2. Students started collecting acceptance letter like coins. Once you get even a single acceptance letter, then it is enough. This is not a race of getting more and more acceptance. It is totally a luck.
  3. CSC started in January of every year, and last for 3 months for sending your documents to China. The best time to send email to your supervisor is from September to November. This is a good time for you to have valid replies from the other side.
  4. Don’t worry if you don’t get a reply from supervisors because there are some deficiencies you are facing while getting his/her attentions. You need to write at least 1 research article in the reputed journal. This will attract your selected supervisor that you are familiar with the basics of research.
  5. Have a complete review of your selected professor, his/her research articles, and his/her recent projects he/she is working, this information can easily be accessed from his/her recent articles published in the recent years.
  6. Try to find some research gap from his/her findings and write your P.h.D proposal from it. There are many easy ways to find research gap from already existing projects.

  7. Once you get acceptance from a supervisor, below documents are necessary for CSC.
    1. Your recent degree and transcript
    2. Medical fitness for
    3. Your recent research publication copy
    4. Chinese Scholarship Form
    5. Passport photocopy
    6. Two recommendation letters from associate professors or ranked higher not lower such as assistant professor
    7. P.h.D proposal
    8. A recent passport size photograph
    9. English proficiency Certificate
    10. Acceptance letter

After completing all your documents, try to send as soon as possible from the starting date of admission.  Moreover, it’s all your luck to grab the scholarship, don’t send emails to a supervisor again and again for the admission status. They are very active and honest, once they made a commitment to any person, they tried to complete it on their first priority.

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