Top Best Conferences in Machine Learning

top conferences in machine learning

Once, you have achieved a milestone of writing a research article in the field of Machine Learning. It’s time to submit to top reputed Journal or Conference. There are many questions regarding the topic. Which conference is best conferences in machine learning? Which Journal is best to submit your research article. People prefer some of the following points while submitting a research article to the conference.

  1. Does a Conference have a huge gathering? Obviously, when there is huge number of audiences, then most probably there are researchers of subtopic related to your area of research. This attracts high visibility in the industry
  2. The conference which covers wide range of subtopics
  3. Conferencing which are focusing on vision
  4. Location of conference and guest speaker also matters to some extent
  5. World’s renowned speakers

Best  Machine Learning Conferences:

Below we have listed some of the top conferences in the field of Machine Learning

  1. International conference on machine learning (ICML)
  2. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Conference (KDD)
  3. Neural Information processing systems (NIPS)

According to a review of various researchers, these conferences are considered the top conferences in the field of machine learning due to a large gathering of audiences, researchers and selective topics which are helpful in the future. Conferences have focused on the new applications developed, which may be helpful using the latest technology for the human beings rather than a using a basic methodology to produce garbage content on the internet.

And if you are looking for some smaller conferences, then

  2. UAI

The conferences mentioned above almost have the same scope as of ICML, KDD, and NIPS, but they have smaller audiences. It is not meant that the quality of papers in these conferences is of low quality. They produce some amazing contents in the past years. Hence, they are important.

If you are looking for a conference, which has very selective range of topics, then your choice must be

  1. ICLR
  2. COLT

ICLR main focus is the presentation of raw data into the meaningful form. Therefore, information retrieval and deep learning is the main area of the conference. Whereas, COLT focuses on the theoretical aspects of machine learning.

Machine Learning Conferences in the field of Data:

However, many other fields also produce papers in the field of machine learning, such as Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, Vision and Artificial Intelligence, then your choice must include below list of top conferences in the field of machine learning.

  1. CVPR
  2. ICCV
  3. ECCV
  4. SIGIR
  5. CIKM
  6. WSDM
  7. ACL
  8. EMNLP
  9. SDM
  10. ICDM

Moreover, you must select a conference which covers your area of research, and most suitable to your research article. Below are some topics which are considered in the field of Machine Learning.

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  1. Machine Learning
  2. Deep Learning
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  4. Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
  5. Tensor Flow
  6. Deep Learning Frameworks
  7. Role of AI in Medical Science
  8. Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  9. NLP and Speech Recognition
  10. Pattern Recognition
  11. Predictive Analysis
  12. Big Data
  13. Cloud Computing
  14. Robotic Process Automation
  15. Facial Expression and Emotion Detection


The list of top conferences in the field of Machine Learning has been listed in the article with some key topics which covered by them. Conferences gather communities to handle various problems, and the solutions provide by the researchers. Future is more concerned about ANN. They are popular among all the continents. There isn’t any distinction between Asian, Indian or any other countries. The focus should be the quality.

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