What is Meant by Qualitative and Quantitative Research

An observation stimulates the motivation of research. It is helpful in different fields. Whereas research itself has two major methods namely qualitative and quantitative research methods. Such methods help us in evaluating many aspects of our society and trends. Our study is dealing with the authenticity and usefulness of these methods to know which shows better conclusive results in less time energy and money. Our conclusion is based on the detailed observation of both methods with the proper light on its limitations and finally we will conclude what is meant by qualitative and quantitative research, limitations, differences between these two research terms and the comparison of both research methods.

“Statistics are the triumph of the quantitative method, and the quantitative method is the victory of sterility and death”

Qualitative Research

It is an investigating method of research. In which we explore an object properly and carefully. This analysis is furnished to prove that it is based on facts which are accurate and are not predicated on past. The outcome of this method should be unpredictable.  This method needs a deeper view of object and proper review.

A medical examination is an example of a qualitative method. Where an object of research is properly examined under careful review regardless of its outcome. A proper and deeper examination is conducted to find the depth of cause.

Quality control of food and beverages is another example of qualitative research. This method helps us to test the quality and proportion of ingredients to identify the healthy and adverse effect of a specific ingredient.

There are different methods to employ qualitative research methods such as:

  • Common groups
  • Interviews
  • Bulletin boards
  • Lab testing of food items

“The worse thing that contemporary qualitative research can imply is that, in this post-modern age, anything goes. The trick is to produce intelligent, disciplined work on the very edge of the abyss.”

Key Features of Qualitative Approach

Qualitative research focuses on events understanding and exploration in a broader context. A researcher should immerse himself in its surrounding for a better understanding of the whole scenario.

  1. It needs proper dedication of researcher. Without dedication and proper research no data will exist
  2. It can be changed and adjusted according to its requirements
  3. Regarding reality, it only exists in subjective format

Advantages and Disadvantages of Qualitative Research Approach

Qualitative research deals with the more in-depth study of an object. It doesn’t need larger groups to study and is considered less expensive as compared to the quantitative method.It seeks to identify facts that are hidden to understand.

Limitations of Qualitative Research

Cost It is costly and time-consuming and results are sometimes inconclusive

Validation and Reliability is a major question in this case.  Because sometimes it has no relation to reality and exists only in subjective. It is difficult to prove its reliability and validity.

Data collection period is lengthy and time-consuming. Because time and conditions change time to time, it is difficult to ascertain a single conclusion.

Quantitative Research

It is used to identify a problem and to reach a proper conclusion and to see its impact on large population. Results, in this case, are authentic both statistically and scientifically. As compared to qualitative research it has physical evidence and deals with a larger group for study. An object can be re-examined, or an object which has been under observation and whose reliability has been proven can be used. Examples of quantitative research are

  • Surveys
  • Audit reports
  • Purchase transactions (vouchers)

It’s a key study of variables and changes in the behavior. The main aim of the researcher is objectivity and to conclude results without any bias. As compared to the qualitative method the data is a physical object. Tests are research based on sequences and done step by step. Proper research is used to test its authenticity and to support results.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Quantitative Research Methods

It is helpful in surveying random samples and drawing a statistical and scientific conclusion. However, it is very expensive therefore, it is impossible to employ quantitative research. Broad and accurate sampling cannot be done due to self-selection in certain groups who are willing to respond and who are not.

Limitations of Quantitative Research

It doesn’t allow any participant to explain the choice of their object.  Also, poor knowledge or collection of statistical data can lead to negative results. In order to collect efficient and authentic results, we need huge amount of data.

Scientific Research can only be interpreted with proper statistical analysis. The quantitative approach is rational and scientific as it has linked to reality.

Validity & Testing both construct rational theories.

Use of Software saves time in the collection and interpretation of larger data which is otherwise time-consuming.

Checking & Retesting It can be tested by other researchers as it is based on numerical values it can be checked and properly tested.

Quantitative vs. Qualitative

What is Meant by Qualitative and Quantitative Research

  1. Quantitative research is better and conclusive as compared to qualitative research.  In quantitative research, physical evidence can be seen, and test and its authenticity can be proved by different tests. On the other end, qualitative research is based on subjective research which cannot be proved due to changes in society and nature.
  2. Quantitative has proved to be less expensive and less time-consuming in case of data collection and results
  3. Quantitative methods are based on variables whereas qualitative is theoretical data which has less or no relation to reality. Scientific methods are employed to prove the validity of the quantitative method because of its physical in nature. For a researcher, it is better to use the quantitative method to prove reality and physical evidence of an object.


In the article, we have presented a brief introduction of what actually meant by qualitative vs. quantitative research. Comparison of both terms, with some key features and limitations are discussed. Both methods are effective according to problem you trying to face. Both have limitations. In order to choose which methodology it depends on the research problem.