What is the difference between a methodology and a process

difference between process and methodology

A researcher must know some of the basic and confusing definitions. These are the parts of his/her ongoing research project and thus useful for producing a quality research.  There are slight variations in these two expressions, but before pointing out the difference between these two, we will explain the difference between process and program informally. Once you get the idea of these two, we hope you will be able to understand the difference between process and methodology.

Consider the example of computer scientist who is baking a cake for her daughter. He knows all the things such as recipe and the ingredients for baking a cake. Input such as eggs, sugar, extract of vanilla and so on are available for him. In the analogy, the recipe is a program, whereas the father who is making a cake is a processor. A process is simply an activity, which consists of steps such as reading the whole recipe, then take all the required ingredients and finally give it to final shape in the form of a cake for her daughter. The key idea here is that a process is an activity of some kind. It has a program, input, output, and a state.

Difference between process and methodology:

A process is an ongoing and repeatable activity for producing consistent and efficient output.

Whereas, a methodology, is the formalization of process, more processes into phases, stages and procedures. A procedure may be a particular procedure or set of procedure to carry out the desired output.

In other words, a methodology is a box of tools. Which are helpful whenever you wish to produce some efficient output.

More formally, a methodology is a way you do things, whereas a process is how you do it. A process consists of multiple steps which later can be join recursively for a problem.

A methodology is generally associated with a project or a problem and is oriented around finding an acceptable solution for the project or problem and it is typically done for whatever length of time is required to solve the problem or complete the project.

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